About Us

Jeremi Dobbs



I started my career in manufacturing in 1989 with a local company that focused on captive shop manufacturing. While working second shift in one of their facilities, I attended the local community college and studied drafting / engineering. During my studies I signed up for a machining principles class. It was at this time,  I realized machining was my calling. Around 1990 and while working for this local company, production had taken a setback in the facility that I was assigned to. I was then approached by the Vice President of the company and was asked what my future plans were. I went on to explain that I was enrolled at the local community college and that my area of study was in machining principles. The Vice President asked if I would be interested in working in the machine shop and I gracefully accepted the challenge. After 4 years of working in the shop and finishing my degree, I was promoted to the Tool Room Manager. After several years of doing so, I continued to grow with the company taking on other responsibilities such as Skill trades manager and Engineering manager. Ultimately in about 2001, I was asked to take a Plant Managers position with the company where I was tasked with growing the metal fabrication facility by instituting laser cutting and metal forming along with CNC Machining applications. After 7 years of doing this duty, I wrote a business plan that led me to the position I currently hold today with Versatile Metal Works. At Versatile, we’ve been able to adapt to a very quick changing environment, all while, building our team with some of the most talented employees obtained. During my manufacturing career, I had always been intrigued with the “Law Enforcement” arena and that passion led me to become a Reserve Officer where I spent 10 years with the Muncie Police Department as a patrolman, working predominately midnight shifts. After that tenure, I then decided to apply for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Reserve organization where I spent 10 additional years a Reserve Deputy. During my tenure with the DCSO Reserve organization, I served many positions  and after a combined service of 20 years, I retired as President in June of 2019. Because of my passion for both manufacturing and law enforcement, my path has been guided to now designing, fabricating and installing police vehicles with K9 inserts, equipment storage vaults, prisoner transports and ultimately part owner of a “patent pending” product the “Warrior Rack” as well as servicing over 20 different sectors of manufacturing. Along the way, I have been blessed to align myself with great employees, a great business partner, a beautiful wife of 25 years and 3 beautiful children. I have donated time to my community in many facets such as coaching kids, past president of my local Lion’s club and teaching as an Adjunct Instructor in the machining world at our local community college. There are many more things in life that I would like to accomplish, but if today was my last day; 

I’ve been a very blessed man.

Jeff McKeighen

General Manager

My manufacturing career started at the age of 19 years old. I found employment working second shift in a wire manufacturing shop in which I spent 7 years in various positions. I then transferred in to the sheet metal manufacturing facility and was afforded an opportunity to learn nearly all of the equipment on the floor. This included everything from setup, programming and troubleshooting, and eventually to shop foreman. In 2010, I took a chance and left the company and started with what is now,Versatile Metal Works, LLC.  During my tenure at Versatile Metal Works, I have operated at every level including; purchasing, engineering, CNC programming and laser programming, etc. This formal training has led me to the position I hold as General Manager. Although the challenge has been taxing at times, the reward has been great in being in an environment with quality and knowledgeable employees that believe in the team player atmosphere, as well as providing excellent customer service. 

Steve Stevenson

 Shop Foreman 

  While working in the electrical profession the past 16 years and operating a Class A CDL, I had an opportunity to join Versatile Metal Works, LLC. Based on my educational background in Industrial Maintenance and welding, I felt it was a great fit for me. I was also able to obtain a degree in Law Enforcement. The thought of joining a team that offered the service that Versatile does was very exciting for me and my family. This level of excitement led me to relocate from northern Indiana to Delaware County and start a new career. This career allows me to put into place my training, work with a great group of individuals and be part of a team that has the “Can Do” mentality. I currently hold the position of the Shop Foreman and I look forward to see what the future holds for me at Versatile Metal Works, LLC. I live by the motto 

“Love God, Love People and be a Servant."

David Spence II

Warrior Rack General Manager

Law Enforcement Project Manager

My career in law enforcement started in January of 1999 as a Reserve Deputy with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. During this time as a Reserve Deputy, I decided to seek out law enforcement as a full-time career. In 2002, I became a Merit Deputy for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. During my time with the Sheriff’s Office, I spent several years as a Road Patrol Deputy before being assigned to Criminal Investigations. While in the Criminal Investigations Division, my primary focus was child crimes and child sex crimes. Also throughout this time, I became the Town Marshal of the small town where I reside. I currently continue in this role as Town Marshal, as I have since 2004. Law enforcement gave me the opportunity to attend several courses, of interest to me, pertaining to vehicle crashes including IPTM’s At-Scene Crash, Advanced Crash, Crash Reconstruction, and Bosch’s Event Data Recorder. With many certifications, I was one of the lead Deputies assigned to the Sheriff Office’s crash call-out team. In 2015, I was named Chief Deputy of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. I served proudly as Chief Deputy until 2019. After this time as Chief Deputy, I was assigned a position back into the Criminal Investigations Division, where I worked until I took a position with the Team at Versatile Metal Works, LLC. 

During my time with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, I often worked with and came to know Versatile Metal Works CEO and President Jeremi Dobbs. It was during my time as Chief Deputy that VMW was expanding and getting me involved in the law enforcement arena of vehicle and equipment builds that included k-9 kennels, prisoner transport systems, and organizational/gun vault systems. Knowing the quality and craftsmanship that VMW offered, it was a perfect match for me to join Team Versatile when the offer was extended. I came on board with the continued goal of increasing VMW’s presence in the law enforcement arena, being assigned to Sales/Project Managing of the many vehicle builds coming through the VMW shop. Within a few short weeks of working with Versatile Metal Works, I was assigned to oversee operations at the newly acquired, Warrior Rack. Warrior Rack is another great opportunity just as VMW was for me to work within the law enforcement community as I have for so many years.

With the continued support of my Wife of 20 years, our 4 children, family, and many great friends, I look forward to this second career of manufacturing. I have been blessed with a great opportunity to begin a new career and still be involved with one of my great passions, law enforcement!

Jeff Pitman


I started my professional career in 1988 where I performed tasks that aided in the manufacturing support category. In 1992, I was given a supervisory position regarding Inventory control and processes. In 1997, I started working with a local manufacturing company that afforded me the opportunity to learn fabrication. Throughout several years of fabrication training, I was given the opportunity to start training into and what led me to what I do today; and that is a Manufacturing Engineer. Once joining Versatile Metal Works, LLC in 2011, I was able to launch their Engineering platform, develop their process control procedures and oversee the design and install operation of the company. Through the last several years, I have performed many duties including; Purchasing, Quoting, Machine Programming and Auto-Cad, which led me to what we use today and that is a modeling software program “Inventor”. I have also earned a degree in the Electronics field. I enjoy the challenges that my job has to offer and truly enjoy working with a great team. 

Leslie Keesling

Administrative Assistant

I started out in the retail industry working at a local shop for roughly four years. A year and a half into the journey I was promoted into a  full time supervisor position.  During this time, I was also a full time student putting my self through college. I started my college career in Early Childhood Education and ended with obtaining a General Studies degree. Shortly after I graduated college in 2015, I received a phone call asking if I would be interested in working for Versatile Metal Works. Without having any hands-on experience in this field, I took a leap and decided to take on this exciting new adventure. Throughout the years of working for Versatile Metal Works, I have gained a tremendous amount of clerical skill and knowledge by managing the front office. I have enjoyed working in a humanitarian work setting and with a great group of individuals; my "family."  I'm very blessed to have this opportunity and I'm excited to see what my future holds with Versatile Metal Works.