Built for Law Enforcement, By Law Enforcement

Jeremi L Dobbs


 During my manufacturing career, I had always been intrigued with the “Law Enforcement” arena and that passion led me to become a Reserve Officer where I spent 10 years with the Muncie Police Department as a patrolman, working predominately midnight shifts. After that tenure I then decided to apply for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Reserve organization where I ultimately spent 10 additional years a Reserve Deputy. During my tenure with the DCSO Reserve organization I served many positions and after a combined service of 20 years I ultimately retired as President in June of 2019. Because of my passion for both manufacturing and law enforcement, my path has been guided to now designing, fabricating and installing police vehicles with K9 inserts, equipment storage vaults, prisoner transports and ultimately part owner of a “patent pending” product the “Warrior Rack” as well as servicing over 20 different sectors of manufacturing.  

David Spence II


 My career in law enforcement started in January of 1999 as a Reserve Deputy with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. During this time as a Reserve Deputy, I decided to seek out law enforcement as a full-time career. In 2002, I became a Merit Deputy for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. During my time with the Sheriff’s Office, I spent several years as a Road Patrol Deputy before being assigned to Criminal Investigations. While in the Criminal Investigations Division, my primary focus was child crimes and child sex crimes. Also throughout this time, I became the Town Marshal of the small town where I reside. I currently continue in this role as Town Marshal, as I have since 2004. Law enforcement gave me the opportunity to attend several courses, of interest to me, pertaining to vehicle crashes including IPTM’s At-Scene Crash, Advanced Crash, Crash Reconstruction, and Bosch’s Event Data Recorder. With many certifications, I was one of the lead Deputies assigned to the Sheriff Office’s crash call-out team. In 2015, I was named Chief Deputy of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. I served proudly as Chief Deputy until 2019. After this time as Chief Deputy, I was assigned a position back into the Criminal Investigations Division, where I worked until I took a position with the Team at Versatile Metal Works, LLC.